Hello and welcome to my blog! This blog is as much of an experiment for me as attempting a natural childbirth is. I'll be posting reviews on books I read, experiences I have while attempting to green our lives a bit more, and sometimes, general nonsense I come up with! Please feel free to comment and share information!

I look forward to hopefully making it through this experience with my own interesting story about giving birth naturally!


D-Day and no B A B Y...yet

Well, today is my due date. And yet, I am sitting here on my stability ball in my office, definitely not in labor. 

I know I know. You can't rush these things. But, the heat is oppressive, exercise is beginning to get uncomfortable and each day seems to take a week at this point. I really want to meet this baby. I want to know if it is a boy or a girl. I want to hold the little one in my arms and marvel at his or her beauty. I want to know if I can convince my husband to use the name I want for a girl... if it is indeed a girl:) OK... the last one is totally selfish... but Stella is such a beautiful Italian name...and they are so far and few at this point. Plus, it is a name from nature. 

Anyway, went to the doc today for my 40 wk appt. She said it was, "looking good". I was 2cm dilated, still about 50% effaced, but softer and more "pliable". The baby was really easy to reach, so very low. She "swept" a little to try and encourage some opening movement... but we'll see. It didn't hurt nearly as much as when she did the same thing when I had Silas. Either I have gotten tougher (doubtful) or she didn't do it as much. With Silas, I was in labor like 3 hours later... but every baby, every pregnancy, every delivery is different... 

I scheduled my non-stress test for Wednesday... maybe baby will take that as a hint. I know so many people who scheduled inductions and then went into labor hours or days before it. Maybe the baby won't know the difference between a NST and an induction? 

I scheduled my 41 weeks appt for next Monday... but the doctor was hopeful that I wouldn't need it. 

My mother came up last night, so she can try and either be there for delivery if possible, or be here to watch Silas if not. I really would like her to be there, so I have called a few friends asking favors--to see if they wouldn't mind coming over if we have to leave for the hospital at night, since our nanny would be there during the day. I have fabulous friends, we have people lined up through Wednesday night. After that, my mom will have to stay home with Silas... those are the only friends we have who don't currently work:)

My lovely colleagues just threw me an impromptu baby shower--which was very nice. Crumbs cupcakes... if you have never had one they are delicious treats, and a gift card to Baby Gap which will definitely NOT com amiss. That was a very nice way to spend part of the afternoon. 

So, I may not be able to post before baby comes... keeping my fingers crossed that indeed I will not be able to. But, who knows!!!

Either way, once this little one does arrive, I will be leaving a long descriptive post with pictures, and we'll find out if the experiment was successful. If indeed, I am able to follow through with all my training and hard work and succeed in having a drug and intervention free childbirth!

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