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Gro Baby Cloth and Hybrid Diapers...

I have been experimenting with cloth and hybrid diapers lately. I used to use gDiapers, with the flushable inserts, not cloth, and we just had too many leaks after awhile. Poops were messy to clean up and always got on the liner if not the cloth gPant. Basically, we gave it over a year, but in the end, they just failed for us. It could have been us, not the diapers--so if you are thinking of trying gDiapers, don't let this discourage you. Lots of people love them. 

I bought a stash of Gro Baby diapers recently. I planned on mostly using the Biosoakers--Gro Baby's flushable/compostable insert--but bought some of the organic cotton soaker pads and boosters as well. I really would like to give cloth diapering a try, especially for this new baby on the way. 

We have had really good success with the biosoakers. A couple of leaks--usually caused by a long period of time in between diaper changes--3 hours or so. Silas is, as I mentioned, a camel and drinks a lot of fluids... so he is a heavy and frequent wetter. Even more traditional disposables have not held up to my little man. 

The cloth experiment isn't going so well and if there is anyone out there with Gro Baby experience, I could use some suggestions. The main problem seems to be that the Soaker pad gets so scrunched up in between his legs, that even if it could contain more, it won't because he is basically urinating on the cover. I did have a few successful diaper changes, but I watched him closely. How much water has he been drinking? How long has it been since I put this diaper on? 

In terms of actually changing them--well--they are super easy! Whether with the biosoaker or the cloth soaker pad. When the diaper doesn't leak--I am in love! I don't mind handling the used soaker pads to put them in the wet bag at all. Since Silas is a little older, his bowel movements are a bit more regular. So, I have been sure to either use a biosoaker or put a flushable liner over the cloth soaker pad to save me the trouble of having to spray the poopy off the cloth before putting it in the wet bag. 

I guess my biggest concern is that I am going to have to change or check his diaper every hour because of the scrunching issue. I really really want the Gro Baby diapers to work (I mean the cloth inserts), because it would be great to save some $$ on diapers with baby #2. We are hoping Silas is ready to potty train soon. So, please please, if you have Gro Baby Cloth diapering experience and had this same issue and resolved it, drop me a comment! Or, even if you didn't have the issue but think you know how I can resolve it, drop me a comment!

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