Hello and welcome to my blog! This blog is as much of an experiment for me as attempting a natural childbirth is. I'll be posting reviews on books I read, experiences I have while attempting to green our lives a bit more, and sometimes, general nonsense I come up with! Please feel free to comment and share information!

I look forward to hopefully making it through this experience with my own interesting story about giving birth naturally!


"Training" for Natural Childbirth

I said yesterday that I was in training. Some people get what I mean when I say that, others look at me like I just landed from Mars, or my head spun around and they are waiting for me to spew split-pea soup.

I personally, don't think it is that difficult to comprehend.

Would you, if you were not a regular long distance runner, go out and run a Marathon without training? What about an Iron Man or a Triathlon? Probably not. I mean, technically, you may be able to do the Marathon, but you would most likely end up with some serious injuries and take days if not weeks to recover.

Anyone who has been through childbirth, no matter what type of birth you had, knows that childbirth is a Marathon. Actually, for some people, childbirth ends up being more like a Marathon, Iron Man and Triathlon combined. Even if you wind up with a Cesarean Delivery, it still takes awhile to recover (not including the time it takes for your stitches to heal).

And yet, many women go out and give birth without being physically ready for the challenge. Yes, our bodies are MADE to birth babies. That is not what I am talking about. Our bodies will give and do all they are supposed to do, but it doesn't mean they are strong enough or you are strong enough to not be completely exhausted and knackered and worn out and beat after 24 hours of labor--and wait... then its time to push!!!

That was me when I gave birth to Silas. I was a good 30lbs overweight and hadn't step foot in a gym in about 10 or 15 years. I also didn't do anything else to keep myself physically fit. Subway steps were a daily torture for me. Guess what? Delivering Silas was incredibly difficult for me. My mother confessed to me recently that she was ready to bust into the delivery room and demand they give me a C-section! She had been with me basically since I got to the hospital, but she and my father were ushered out into the hall when it came time to push... and 2 1/2 hours later, my father was probably holding her back. I could actually hear her out in the hallway encouraging me when I was screaming that I couldn't do it anymore. Yes, I had an epidural. But I was exhausted! I had a 100.6 degree fever, I hadn't slept since the night BEFORE I went into labor (so in oh 36-48 hours)...

I actually started my journey to get fit and lose the extra 35 lbs last summer. I wasn't even thinking about getting pregnant. I was just sick of hating the way I looked and really did not want to go up yet another size in clothes. With the help of a fabulous free website called Spark People, I managed to lose 25 lbs and gain the knowledge and confidence that I could be healthy and fit.

So, here I am now, 27 weeks pregnant, and training for my own personal Iron Man.

My training schedule? Well, it has a lot of flexibility in it. My husband works nights and I have a 2 yr old at home who I want to spend time with... so sometimes, I need to rearrange things.

My goal every week is to:
1. Get in some Cardio every day. Even if it is just the 1 mile walk home from the subway.
2. Make it to my training appointment every week at the gym
3. Do my Strength Training exercises at least one other time each week
4. Try to run 3 Miles at least twice a week

Recently I have been trying to extend my runs, but like I said, my time is limited. I consider myself lucky if I manage to make it to the gym more than twice a week... I try to be grateful for what time I get in.

But, I feel stronger, and more able. My trainer has stepped up our workouts and I am feeling it in my muscles again. I find I am able to run much longer than 30 minutes on the treadmill without even realizing I have done it.

I know that in 13 weeks or so... my body will be more than ready for natural childbirth. I just need to remember to work on getting my mind and emotions ready as well!

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Cindy D. said...

Awesome that you are opting to try for natural childbirth. The minute I got pregnant (or probably before) I knew that I wanted the experience of a natural delivery. I wish you all the best on your journey to wellness and the birth of your 2nd beautiful child!!