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Cloth wins...hands down.

Since I have found a cloth/hybrid diaper that I really like and that really works, I have been very happy with diapering my little man. Never even once reaching for the "easier" disposable or wishing I had one on hand.
I love my GroBaby diapers. They never frustrate or disappoint me at how awesome they are. I have even begun to really like using the cloth inserts. With a flushable liner, even changing poopy diapers is super easy and not gross or icky at all. 

The problem came in, when GroBaby changed to GroVia. The changes they made to the diapers, actually seem like they are going to be awesome. Tuck-in tabs for the velcro so it won't come undone in the wash, 1/2 higher rise for those of us with tall babies, and a waterproof back to the organic cotton soaker pads. AWESOME!!!

Of course, since I had just spent quite a bit of money buying GroBaby shells and soaker pads because they were on sale and GroVia wasn't, I probably won't be purchasing too many GroVia diapers anytime soon. We are on a tight budget and buying the GroBaby shells and soakers was already out of it... so... the newer more awesome diapers will have to wait *sigh*

No big deal. 

BUT... the biosoakers were not available for purchase at the same time as the other diapers were. The nanny and my husband used the biosoakers exclusively, while I used mostly cloth and the biosoakers when leaving the house or traveling. I only had 2 boxes of 50 GroBaby biosoakers and they were no longer available as everyone had sold out of them. eeekkk!!!

Needless to say, I ran out of GroBaby biosoakers before the GroVia biosoakers were available for sale. Which meant.... I had to go out and buy some disposable diapers. *Side note, GroVia biosoakers came in earlier than expected on Gro-via.com and so I am "patiently" awaiting my order to arrive sometime in the next few days*

I was too tired the night I realized there would be no diapers for the nanny the next day, so I sent Jacob out to CVS to pick up a pack of diapers. I didn't really care which brand as they were all equally bad for the environment and I didn't plan on using them on any permanent basis. He came home with one of the Huggies brand diapers--not the Pure & Natural ones we used before which weren't too bad I have to admit.

A couple of nights ago, I was talking to Jacob about cloth diapers and how I couldn't believe how easy they were and how much I liked them. He just said, "I like disposables." I didn't feel like getting into a discussion over which was better with him because I know he has made up his mind NOT to like the GroBaby diapers, whether the biosoakers or the cloth soaker pads... it wasn't an argument I was going to win, so it wasn't worth having.

The next night, I was putting Silas' diaper on before bed, and I noticed a rash up his back, near where the back of the diaper is, and in the creases of his legs, it was rubbed raw. I pointed it out to Jacob and said simply, "He got a rash from those Huggies diapers, and they rubbed his legs raw." Jacob looked at me, almost defeated and said, "Yeah, I noticed that too, but the rubbing could be from the swimmie diapers that were a little too small." In his voice, I heard the sound of defeat, the sound of giving in, the sound of, 'you were right, the other diapers are better but I am not going to admit it out loud, this is the best you'll get'.

I didn't want to gloat, so I didn't say anything like, "I told you so." I didn't say anything at all. I just smiled, and on the inside, was totally doing the Dance of Joy, Balki Bartokomous style.

Now, if I can just convince him of how awesome cloth diapers are... 

Baby steps... baby steps...

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Amie Corey said...

I love the Balki reference! I used to hate that show but I know exactly what you were talking about. What a random blast from the past ! Good luck with baby coming soon!!