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GroBaby Love

I am in love. My previous issues have been resolved. I could not imagine a better diaper. 

For the last couple of weeks, I have been really breaking in the GroBaby diapers I blogged about before. My nanny has been using them and it has definitely been trial and error. We have had leaks, but normally they were caused by leaving the diaper on too long, not because of how the diaper was put on. 

GroBaby (now technically GroVia) diapers are so easy to use, I don't know why anyone would use regular old disposable diapers! They go on like a regular disposable, have leg gussets in the biosoaker to keep any mess contained, are comfortable for baby and unlike regular disposables, much more breathable. They are not nearly as bulky as other cloth or hybrid diapers (unless using a soaker pad and booster or a biosoaker and soaker/booster). Plus, they are too cute!!

I have also finally found a GroBaby solution to nighttime diapers. I tried just using a biosoaker. I tried just using a soaker pad. I tried a soaker pad plus a booster. I tried a biosoaker plus a cloth booster. Each one resulted in varying degrees of leaks from just a smidge, to OMG did I even put a diaper on him last night?!

The solution that has been working so far is a biosoaker with a regular soaker pad on top. I snap in the back of the soaker pad, and leave the front unsnapped. Two nights in a row, varying amounts of  "soak" in the am, and neither morning were there leaks. Yay!!!

My only complaint about the biosoaker is that it isn't the easiest thing to tear open to  flush and it really takes quite a bit of shaking to get the inner pulp out and into the toilet. gDiapers does have it on you there GroBaby--their flushies are super easy to tear open and empty, plus the outer portion is also flushable whereas with GroBaby, it needs to be trashed, so it kind of defeats the purpose of a flushie since part of it goes in the trash anyway. However, even if you trash part or the whole thing, they are still better than regular disposables in terms of biodegradability (did I just invent that word?)

Cloth diapering has been a completely new thing for me. I have not been using the soaker pads very much because, frankly, I don't change most of Silas' diapers and I am not going to make my husband or nanny be the experimenter. If I decide to go all cloth, they will learn then. But, I figured I owed it to them to be the first one to try out the whole cloth diapering thing. 

So far, I have not minded cloth diapering. Like I said, I haven't used them that often, but plan on doing it more so from now on. Several days ago I changed my first poopy cloth diaper. Luckily, I had the foresight of putting a flushable liner on top of the soaker pad. So, most of the poopy was easily cleaned up by simply removing the flushable liner and throwing it in the toilet. Some poopy did manage to make it onto the soaker pad and the shell though, so I did have to employ the diaper sprayer; but it was no worse than when poopy would get on the liners of the gDiapers. Then I threw both pieces in my wet bag until laundry day. No worries. Did it take a little more time than a disposable or biosoaker, sure. Was it a huge pain in the butt. Not at all. I am sure my nanny will be fine with experimenting and moving on to cloth diapers; hubby, probably not so much. He tends to not like to try new things, especially new things that aren't necessary or super easy from the get go. I am still just trying to get him away from disposables by showing him how easy biosoakers are... if I can at least get him on the biosoaker train, I can deal with him not being on the cloth train. Of course, if there are biosoakers in the house, I am sure the nanny will use those more than cloth, but at least either way, it is more eco-friendly than a pampers would be!

Of course, now that I am in love and am finally almost out of disposables, I cannot find anyone online who has GroBaby biosoakers in stock and GroVia biosoakers won't be available until July sometime. So, I need to find a way to make 40 diapers (all the biosoakers I have left) last until July... 

But, for anyone considering cloth or hybrid diapering... GroBaby/GroVia is definitely the way to go!!! I can't wait for the LO to arrive in August to start actually saving money by attempting to cloth diaper exclusively during maternity leave... well... OK, I'll use biosoakers when running errands or visiting family, but in general... CD only! Eek... I'll definitely have to blog about that when it happens!!!!

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