Hello and welcome to my blog! This blog is as much of an experiment for me as attempting a natural childbirth is. I'll be posting reviews on books I read, experiences I have while attempting to green our lives a bit more, and sometimes, general nonsense I come up with! Please feel free to comment and share information!

I look forward to hopefully making it through this experience with my own interesting story about giving birth naturally!




I think it is safe for me to say I have definitely hurt my ankle. I don't think it is serious, I am not a hypochondriac, but I took the risk of hitting the gym last night and now today, it continues to hurt. I have it wrapped, but even just walking was slightly painful. 

Last nights workout was both great and terrible. My Cardio session was awful. This was due to several factors. 
1. My ankle hurt--so running on the treadmill was a bit painful and I had to stop a couple of times to walk, but then walking causes me to feel crampy and tight in my abdomen...
2. It has been a while--In the last 3 weeks, I have managed to workout 3 times. Treadmill twice and running outside once. While normally that wouldn't have such a large effect on my overall fitness level, being pregnant, it really did. Our bodies change so quickly when we are pregnant, one week running can be easy and no problem, the next, it could be difficult. 
3. My Mind. My brain was totally somewhere else. Usually, when I run or hit the treadmill, I manage a good mindfulness of my being and my surroundings. Taking all of it and none of it in at once. Last night, I could NOT get that feeling. My mind was wandering all over the place. Mostly, to my basement which while it is coming along nicely, the workers are trying to rip me off at every turn and have done some things in an incredibly sloppy manner. 

The great part of my workout came after my crappy cardio session when I had my training with Alex. She really pumped it up and now that we are closer to the end, is working on the larger muscle groups and the core to really prepare my body for the end of pregnancy (i.e. carrying around an extra 25 lbs all in one concentrated area) and of course, labor and delivery. She definitely recognized I wasn't in top form though, which is nice because it takes the pressure off. 

Working out with Alex, I was finally able to get my mind out of my basement and into what I was doing because I really try to concentrate on each exercise to make sure I am doing it properly. Although Alex is there in our sessions to correct and guide me, I do these exercises more than just the once a week and she isn't there each time to make sure I am doing them right. So, it is really important to concentrate. 

That was definitely a good thing. Then, when I got home, I started inspecting the basement and noticed a ton of things they did the backwards, cheap and easy way. Granted, the basement and bathroom look about 1000x better than they did before. Don't get me wrong, and to be honest, most people probably wouldn't notice the things I did. No matter how much we fight it, we all become our mothers in some form some day--and inspecting and noticing the tiny things is definitely my mother coming out in me! Of course, I am so done with these guys and their thinking they are the only ones who know how something should be done, and quite frankly, their condescending attitude towards me because I am a woman (and yes... that is it. He speaks very differently to my husband), that I just want this done and I want them OUT of my house. 

Anyway... my body is in a bit of pain today, particularly in the core area thanks to the bridges and crunches I did last night (ouch!) and the standing pull ups that really worked out the backs of my thighs (ironically enough). 

But, in the end... I know this will all be worth it. My body is prepped and ready. Now I just need to start practicing my Calm Birth methods to get my mind in the game as well!

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