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Its not rocket science

As anyone who reads my blog knows, I have fallen in love. In the form of Gro Baby diapers. They are easy to use, don't leak (unless you leave them on too long), are easy to clean, and look adorable. Silas has barely had even a hint of a diaper rash since I have started using these exclusively, which I also like. 

And yet, every day when I get home from work, there are several covers in my wet bag and several pairs of pants, that were clean that morning, in the hamper. The other night, Silas said, "uh oh, water spilled". We looked down and there was a small puddle of liquid by his feet, but he wasn't holding any water. Urine had literally fallen out of his diaper. It was seriously some kind of miracle, because his diaper was on properly (for all intents and purposes) and the shell was NOT wet! Seriously, it wasn't even damp. How the heck did it escape?!

I did notice, when I changed this miracle diaper, that the right edge was folded back so I could see the inner mesh part. Is that it? Is that why the nanny can't seem to NOT have a leak which each diaper change. Our nanny is not an idiot--who hires an idiot to watch their child anyway. She is a sweet, intelligent, fun young woman who Silas adores and who is great with Silas. She didn't have this many problems with gDiapers, and yet, the easier better diaper, she can't get the hang of. 

The biggest problem with this is not the constant laundry that piles up because I am washing his covers after one use and all the clothes he pees on. It is not that the covers won't last as long because they are being washed after each use. It is my husband and his sighing, growling, annoyance. He rarely even changes Silas' diapers; I do most of the laundry, I am always the one to wash the diapers. But anything that doesn't work perfectly from the start and constantly, he doesn't like anymore. For example, four years ago, I bought a paper towel holder. The kind you screw into your cabinets so it hangs down above your sink and doesn't take up precious counter space. When it gets to the end of a paper towel roll, it won't roll like it is supposed to. Is it kind of annoying that you need to manually move the roll so you can get a single sheet or more off? Yes. Is it the end of the world and a huge hassle? No. Yet, the other day, as he is manually moving the roll, he throws up his hands, gives an audible sigh and growl and angrily declares, "I hate that thing!" I look at him like he is an alien. Seriously? With all the other more serious crap going on in our life to get upset over, you get angry at the paper towel holder. Perhaps it is his way of allowing his feelings about other more serious things he is upset over be shown... ???

See, me, I don't care about those little things, and therefore, do not spend most of my day annoyed or angry because some silly little contraption isn't working right. I get upset and angry at the big things, like say, the Contractor coming back and saying, yet again, we need to buy more tile (this is especially annoying since they gave us the measurements and square footage requirements to begin with). I get upset and angry over that, and he tells me to calm down, its not a big deal. Really? The fact we need to drop yet another $100 is not a big deal, but the paper towel holder is something to get upset over? 

Thank God he doesn't even know I write this blog!!! I didn't keep it from him on purpose, I just didn't mention it--now I am thinking that was a good thing!

Anyway, so since neither he nor my nanny can seem to use a perfectly simple diaper, he is getting annoyed with them and every time he needs to change a diaper, he gets huffy. I personally, am done purchasing and stocking multiple types of diapers in the house. If he wants to use disposables, he can just go out and buy them himself, that is if he knows what size to get. 

Seriously though, it isn't rock science. I am not that much more intelligent than they are, so why can I manage to change his diapers all weekend without a single leak (except perhaps overnight), when they can't manage to avoid a leak with even a single diaper change? I have explained several times, you cannot leave these diapers on for four hours at a time (even though I have successfully done so, usually because we are out running errands and lose track of time). This morning, I gave the nanny a little tutorial explaining she should lay the front flat, and make sure it doesn't fold over, that the diaper will naturally fall into a comfortable place on him once he moves. She only has four shells to work with today because I can't get into my laundry room due to a huge sleeper sofa blocking the way... 

Has anyone else had these problems when trying to teach others how to use a cloth diaper system? Is it me? Or is it them? If its me, I will apologize to them... I swear I will... but I really don't think it is. Anyone have some advice on how to teach them how to properly use the diaper? I have shelled out a decent amount of money into this diaper system, and really like it. I want to use it on the new LO when he or she arrives, including more cloth diapers, I am not changing systems now!!

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Tina said...

Ugh! How frustrating!! I don't have any advice as I haven't really started using my gro baby diapers. We have AIOs that my hubby seems to grasp. He never got our gDiapers before I gave up on them myself. I hope your nanny gets the hang of it and it's not too hard for my hubby to learn!